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If you’ve been looking for a Lebanon Web designer or a reputable Web design & development company in Lebanon, then know that it’s all about the first ‘few seconds’. That is how long it takes to convince or drive away visitors to your website. How do you win that race against the clock? Have a new website designed with a fresh design and clear navigation. Because you recognize professional websites for companies by their eye for detail and ease of use.

The specialty of PopularLocalz? Design a website that drives customers for you. While you focus on what you are good at. That is why we design most of our websites in HTML. They have a wonderfully clean design, score higher in Google and last longer. Moreover, designing a website in HTML is much cheaper!

If you’ve been looking up ‘Web Designer Lebanon’, then PopularLocalz is your pick!

Your website is optimally displayed on a PC, smartphone and tablet. Have a new website made that does not adapt design and content to smartphone or tablet screens? Then you might as well have completely ignored the internet. For companies such as yours, this provides a double benefit:
Your customers browse through your website smoothly on any device
Your website is a bank ahead of Google.

So you’ve been searching for ‘Web Designer Lebanon’ or maybe ‘web design company Lebanon’? – Then have a website designed with all the bells and whistles.

– Have your website designed to size and choose the level of graphic finish yourself.

– The purpose of websites for companies? Clients gather! That is why we design your website with one goal: conversion.

– Professional websites for companies are happy to present an attractive new logo .

– Attract extra visitors ? PopularLocalz is a specialist in internet marketing and search engine optimization .

– Have your website designed with additional technical optimization so that it will score even better in Google.

– With effective email marketing you can attract more visitors to your company’s website in no time .

Our work is renowned for its premium touch and its modern/seamless look. rest assured you will get American-Quality type of work at budget-friendly prices for our Web design clients in Lebanon.



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CMS is a popular addition to websites. Certainly for companies that want to manage their content themselves. Do you want to regularly adjust pages yourself, post a blog post, news or promotions? Then have your new website designed with WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful CMS that is used in thousands of websites. Suitable for companies that want to manage their entire website themselves and already have a thorough basic knowledge.

If you’ve been looking for a respectable Web design company in Lebanon to build your website, then know that WordPress CMS is your best bet!

Websites for companies increasingly have an e-shop . Not surprising, because the potential added value is huge. Do you have a website designed with a built-in web store ? Then from now on you sell day and night to existing and new customers. Without having to work extra hours, because almost the entire process runs automatically.

Just as we design a new website, we start from your needs, products and objectives for your e-shop . Customization, therefore, that remains affordable. Because we design the online shop of our websites for companies with WordPress : a ready-made, solid foundation to build on flexibly.

The end result is an e-shop that connects with the rest of your website and with your house style . And that you can easily manage yourself. Change the product range, set promotions and choose the payment and delivery options.

Attract even more buyers Then let your e-shop – just like your website – design with the latest search engine friendly gadgets. For example, your web store might be at the top of Google!

If you’ve been on the lookout for a Web designer in Lebanon or a Web design company in Lebanon that offers that magic spin and that premium touch, then PopularLocalz is your go-to and look no further!

Your website is optimally displayed on a PC, smartphone and tablet. Have a new website made that does not adapt design and content to smartphone or tablet screens? Then you might as well have completely ignored the internet. For companies such as yours, this provides a double benefit:
Your customers browse through your website smoothly on any device
Your website is a bank ahead of Google

Looking for Web development company in Lebanon because your website is Deprecated? – Then have the website modernized & updated!

-Is your site older than four years and not well maintained?
-Does your site generate too few requests or sales?
-Is your site not responsive and therefore not readable on a tablet or mobile phone?
-Does your site have an outdated design?
-Is your site not found correctly?
-Is your site not up to date?
-Is your site slow?

If you can answer one or more of these questions with a yes, your site is most likely in need of renewal!

You can have your website updated and improved by Lebanon web designers in web design companies of Lebanon like ours so that you can then answer all questions with no.

It does not matter which system your website is built with. We -at PopularLocalz Web design company, Lebanon branch- can convert any website to WordPress.

A website is a foundation for your online presence. It is one of the first things that your audience will see if they are looking for a service or product that your company provides. Whether you want to build your first website or refresh an existing website, it is important to put yourself in the position of your potential customers and to align your website with their needs.

A good website is a combination of good design, graphic elements that attract attention, interesting content and professional marketing. Pretty much what we build here at PopularLocalz Web design agency, Lebanon branch.

Since you’ve been looking for Web design company in Lebanon, you should know that nowadays 80% of your visitors will visit your website with a mobile or tablet. It is essential that your website is responsive. Responsive web design means that the layout and content of the website is adjusted to the size of the screen. This makes your website easy to read and navigate on smaller devices.

For both your visitors and search engines, it is important that a website loads quickly.

And, above all, your website must be easy to use for both your visitors and yourself. No matter how complex your products or services are, visitors to your website must be able to easily navigate through the website and find the information they need in just a few clicks.

When it comes to managing the site, it should be easy for you and your team members to update your website with the latest information. And we -as a Lebanon web design company full of highly experienced Lebanese web designers- we make sure that the website design you receive is easy-to-edit at any time.

Since you’ve been looking for a ‘Lebanon Web Designer’, know that WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for websites. 30% of the internet runs on WordPress. And that is of course not for nothing. It is well coded and user-friendly.

It is open source software and the choice of all freelance web designers in Lebanon and even globally which means that the code is public. WordPress has an active community that is constantly developing the software. If you use WordPress you have a lot of web designers working on your website instead of a few. Not to mention, Lebanon Web designers and most Web development companies of Lebanon and overseas are using WordPress 90% of the time.

WordPress can easily be expanded with free or paid plugins or your own code. That makes everything possible. Unlike Wix or Squarespace with which you are limited in the possibilities. Moreover, with these services you are not the owner of your site.

Another advantage for you is that you are not tied to one web design company or a service such as Squarespace or Wix.

If you prefer to work with another web designer or another firm other than PopularLocalz Web design company, Lebanon branch- which of course is unlikely :-), you will receive a copy of the site. You can then install it elsewhere and have it maintained by someone else.

Below is the exact process we follow at PopularLocalz Web design agency, Freelance Web Designer Lebanon:-

(1) Assessment
Every Lebanon web design project starts with the inventory phase. We identify the requirements for the project. I take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve. We look at who your ideal customer is and what his / her needs are.

(2) Sitemap
A lot of Lebanon Web designers and Web design agencies in Lebanon and globally forget about the sitemap!. The next step is to create a sitemap. On a sitemap all pages of your website are displayed with their mutual relationships on your website. The sitemap shows how the website is going to work.

(3) Prototype
Out of all the web design agencies in Lebanon, We are one of the rare minority of companies to pre-assemble a prototype for our client. The prototype consists of the homepage and a few other pages. It displays the layout of the elements on the page and is in black and white.

(4) Design
This is where the site comes to life. We add color and design the site around the content. We also take your visitors into account with the design.

(5) Development
During the development phase, our freelance Lebanese web designers will perform more technical tasks. We check the website carefully and test it carefully together. The final adjustments are made to prepare the website for launch.

(6) Launch
Your new site is ready to be launched! I carry out the launch and we test the site again. My recommended maintenance packages give you ongoing monthly support and ensure that your website continues to function optimally.

At PopularLocalz Web Design Company – Lebanon branch, we don’t just build the plain old, classic type of websites that look like they date back to the 90s era. We have a process of our own that is as follows:-

Website evaluation
A website needs regular maintenance in order to continue to function optimally and not to lose potential customers to the competition.

Mobile Devices
I often find that older websites do not take users of mobile phones and tablets into account. 40% -50% of the visitors to a company website view it on a mobile or tablet. For some industries that is even 80%.

What does your website look like on mobile devices? If it is not easy to read without zooming in or scrolling from left to right, you offer a significant part of your visitors a poor user experience. Isn’t it a shame to immediately give 4 of your 10 visitors a bad impression and probably lose them?

New trends
Lebanese Web design is developing rapidly. Something that seemed like a good idea a few years ago no longer needs the same effect on your visitors. It is important to regularly check whether your website still has the right influence on your visitors. To stay in touch with your visitors, it can help to renew the look of your website and make use of the new design trends.

Latest products/services
I also regularly find that companies have a new product or service but do not promote it on their website. Your website is a sales platform and one of the first things that a potential customer will see. Don’t forget to inform visitors about your latest products, services or new features.

Your competition is not fast. They will also regularly evaluate their website and marketing campaigns. When did you evaluate yours? It is important to monitor the competition and changes in your industry. If you keep an eye on the competition, you can adjust your message to keep potential customers with you.

Loading speed
What is the loading speed of your website? Website visitors are impatient. If it takes longer than a few seconds for your website to load, many people will click away.
A slow site is also lower in the search results than a comparable site that is faster.
Your site should leave in 2 seconds at most. Preferably under 1 second. But this generally requires a good host and optimization.

Does your website convert? To gain insight into this, you must keep track of the number of visitors, requests and sales via your website. If you know how to convert your website, you can predict how adjustments to your marketing and a larger stream of website visitors will affect your business and income.
With a few effective adjustments, you can encourage visitors to take action and request information about your products and services.

A lot of web design companies in Lebanon and other agencies rush to build the clients’ websites and leave them stranded upon delivery. At PopularLocalz, we don’t embrace such behaviors. We offer free 1-month support, maintenance for your newly designed or re-designed website!

Because WordPress is the most used CMS, it is also a very interesting system for hackers to hack. If you do not keep track of updating a WordPress site, chances are that your website will be hacked.

Since you are searching for a Lebanon Web Designer, know that with updates, not only security holes are closed, but the code is also optimized/modernized so that the site continues to perform well. In addition, new functionality is often added with an update.

It is therefore very important to keep your WordPress installation and the installed plugins and themes up to date.

In principle, you -along with a Lebanon web designer- can update the website within WordPress with the push of a button. However, you run the risk that your site will no longer function because, for example, a plugin no longer works in the new version.
It is therefore important to always back up the website first so that it can be placed back in case something goes wrong.
Because new updates appear regularly, updating must also be done regularly.

In practice, it appears that websites are often insufficiently and/or incorrectly updated. A Lebanese web designer from PopularLocalz will help you sort this issue out at no additional charges.

Obviously, updating updates does not guarantee that your website will not be hacked. That is why it is good to regularly check the website for malware and vulnerabilities in plugins.

All kinds of causes can cause a website to go ‘down’ and make it unreachable. The sooner you realize this, the better.

You will undoubtedly occasionally have questions, need advice or want to have adjustments made to your website. It is nice if you then have a permanent Lebanon web designer at your disposal.

With a maintenance package, the updates, backups, maintenance, and monitoring are done for you and time is reserved for support.
Your site will continue to run optimally without you having to do anything about it.

The packages include a premium page builder, premium theme and premium plugins for optimization and SEO.

Time is also reserved in the packages for support.

That saves you stress and you save time that you can spend on nicer things.

You receive a monthly report with the work performed.

Pick PopularLocalz as your Web design company of choice in Lebanon and look no further!

At your service and available for you all week long 24/7.


Serving all countries without any Geographic restrictions.


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