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|We PLACE you!, in front of people who are looking for you!

⇒ A lot of local business owners still rely on “Word-of-mouth” as their sole method of driving traffic to their business. Unfortunately, this no longer works efficiently in today’s day and age. Not to mention, Word-of-mouth is never a reliable way to predictably grow and scale a business.

⇒ If you’ve ever wondered why rookies in your field -with much less experience- are crushing it when it comes to getting more business, calls, sales, or orders, it’s probably because they have online systems in place that are bringing all the traffic they need to grow their business, and landing them most calls. ⇒ If you’ve never been on the first-page of search results before, then you might want to consider hiring more people on your team to keep up with the call-volume your business is about to be getting!. xxxxxx

|Did you know?

►That 75% of users never click past the first page of search results?

►That 70% of the links users click on when searching are Organic links and Not advertised links or Paid Ads.

►93% of all traffic comes from a search engine

Based on studies conducted by Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Moz & others ...

60% of clicks go to the top three websites in search engine results

Search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites than social media

94% of all mobile and tablet search traffic comes from Google

|We practice what we preach!

Why would you hire someone or an agency to position your own business in the Top-5 ranked businesses in your city if they themselves are Not ranked on the first page of search results for maximum visibility, traffic, calls and conversions?

PopularLocalz.Com is ranked in the Top-3, Top-5, and Top-10 Agencies in dozens and dozens of cities in the (U.S, Canada, Australia, and the UK) –Feel free to check out our sample live rankings as a proof!
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What our Clients Say …

▽ Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our industry is extremely competitive and we were looking for a way to reach as many new clients as we could. We decided to give PopularLocalz a try, although we were very unfamiliar with it. We decided to track where all our paid leads were coming. We trusted our new partner’s experience and advice and we were kept updated with regular reports on results and progress. After a couple of months, phone calls from prospective clients increased massively which directly affected our bottom line. Our return on investment over 6 months has been well over what we could fathom and we are projecting an ongoing return for years to come.

Jill Morrison

Denver, Colorado

I almost want to say bad things here so that I can ensure Amed does not get so busy that he can no longer work with me. I am going to have to say hands down, this is the best service I’ve ordered thus far. What was delivered to me far exceeded that value of what I paid. I will certainly be back. Greatly appreciated.

J. Nilsen

Massapequa, New York

We had a board we were reporting to and I had to produce a tangible ROI on their digital marketing investment. It took about 3 months for the traffic to take a significant turn upwards and we started to receive a stiff increase in our lead volume. We were easily able to secure a higher SEO investment from the board, based on impressive results. My confidence grew with every presentation as I had good news to report every month. Our problem now, is fulfilling the high volume of investment opportunities we created.

Paul Adams

Leeds, UK.


|How did we help those businesses?

Every one has their own way of doing things. There are different schools of thought even when it comes to SEO or optimizing search engine rankings.

Please, Check out the provided case studies. These will let you in on our methodology and how we go about growing businesses and increase their traffic by folds.
►Case Study #1

How we increased the traffic of a Landscaping business by up 26x in the first month, and up to 46x after 11 months. (Click Here to view)

►Case Study #2

How we increased the traffic to a touring company by 300% in 6 months. (Click Here to view)

What makes us Stand Out?!

With too many agencies rising every single day, it becomes incredibly hard to pick a truly qualified one! with regards to the deliverability of results, and more importantly .. the client support system.


No two businesses are in the same condition to start with. And no two business owners have the exact, same goals and needs.

At PopularLocalz, we don’t go for cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we ask you to take our no-obligation discovery form to help us better understand your unique, and specific needs for us to come up with the best possible plan to execute, and manage expectations based on your own personal preferences, needs, goals , and budget.

Ever hired someone or some agency to do your SEO and you were crossing your fingers hoping that they were actually doing for you the work they promised?.

At PopularLocalz, we provide our premium clients with a private client-dashboard, where you can sign in at any time and track the work we do for your business site, for you to see where you were, and where you currently are.

At PopularLocalz, unlike many, we know that we don’t have to tie you into a contract or force you to pay for months on end. We know that you’ll always be coming back for more once you experience the quality of our work, the continuous attention, and the support our clients get. Not to mention, the gradual and visible ranking improvements you’ll be seeing will reassure you that you are on the right path, and that you are in expert hands.

With PopularLocalz, you can start any time, and stop any time without hassle or fuss.

Unlike most mainstream digital agencies where everything seems robotic and behind-the-screen, at PopularLocalz, we make sure the human element is also integrated.

All of our clients are eligible for a live consultation (either a phone call or a video call depending on their choosing) to keep them updated and have all their questions answered.

▽ A B O U T 

PopularLocalz is a quality provider of Search Engine Optimization services intended to help both small and medium-sized local businesses increase their business’s monthly traffic, calls, and revenue by optimizing their search engine rankings to enhance their visibility before people who search for their services. Please, take the time to go through our site and the FAQs section. This will answer many of the questions you may have in mind. Do not hesitate to contact us or claim your freebies today. We are available 7 days a week for your support.

My name is Amed Abraham and I’m the founder of PopularLocalz. I’m a former Pharmacist with a long standing passion for Web-design, Web-development & Search Engine Optimization. I started out as a freelancer providing separate Web-development & SEO services helping out other Agencies and SEO Specialists with their campaign work and eventually progressed into running and managing my own agency where my team and I do full-on SEO Campaigns for businesses to help them increase their monthly clientele, call-volume, and monthly revenue.

Amed Abraham

● Founder | Web Development & SEO Specialist.

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